There I was; sitting in my lounge room looking out the window thinking to myself there has to be more to life than this… Within days, a colleague of mine came to see me. He began talking about an opportunity to join a direct sales company and earn unlimited income while traveling the world. It sounded too good to be true, however I felt compelled to look into the opportunity anyway.

I saw the people that were doing well within the industry and figured if they could do it so could I. I simply had to learn what they did and it would be just a matter of time. Little did I know that the decision to pursue this opportunity would take me on a life changing personal development journey.

Winning an award for Leadership Development in Australia. Awarded at one of our many seminars around the world (maybe Hawaii)


The experience was the most difficult and challenging, yet most thrilling and rewarding experience of my life. I was criticised, let down, and confronted as well as encouraged, mentored and supported. It was like being in the wash cycle of a washing machine. Sometimes it was a gentle stirring; sometimes I was flooded with water (emotions) and couldn’t breathe. Sometimes I was actually spinning and then I was hung out on the line to dry.

But in the end, I came out of that cycle a better person and ultimately was successful in this business, achieving numerous overseas trips, company cars, diamonds and enough income to support the whole family and send my children to private school.

I came to realise that to be successful in this business it wasn’t just about me being the best; it was about me coaching and supporting others to be the best they could be. I’ve found this to be true for any leadership role.

As with many aspects of life, eventually this role began to grow a little stale, not offering the new challenges I desired. So, after eight years and realising that my needs weren’t being met any longer I began the transition of establishing my own coaching & facilitating business. As part of the journey, I had attended many personal and professional development courses around the globe. After attending a Tony Robbins seminar in Hawaii I realised it was time for a change. I no longer had the passion or drive to pursue my current journey.

About the same time, I was getting requests from people outside the business to help them with their teams. Friends and family were also encouraging me to broaden my scope and the audience that I could influence.

If you aren’t growing and developing in some way shape or form, you are dying, and when you start to die, you start to smell.

Anthony Robbins

This is where I think people do themselves a big disservice; when they stay in a job just because it’s what they know and where they feel secure. Life’s rewards go to those who show courage and go out and seek more from life. Yes it is challenging, yes it’s scary, yes it’s facing the unknown but believe me this is where the gold is. You cannot learn about courage from reading it in a book, you have to get out there and face your fears – get on the bike so to speak. This is the place where you become more.

The fruit is always out on the limbs of the tree.

Andrew Matthews.

I began the second growth spurt of my life. The beginning of L.E Coaching.

I worked with a mentor coach and established my vision, discovered my values and set my purpose. I established a business plan, set goals and started the journey.

Once again, this journey has been challenging, but through persistence, determination and belief in my ability I have managed to open doors and work with some amazing clients, from small business owners through to General Managers of large organisations. I have had various mentors and coaches along the way and have taken on board a huge amount of feedback to tweak my style and the suite of programs and services I offer.

Running a communication workshop with an intact team – so much fun! Nothing like trying to communicate blindfolded…


Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I feel so fortunate to do this work. Sometimes I wonder how come I have been so lucky… Though I do prescribe to the words of Brian Tracy; “It’s a funny thing, the harder you work, the luckier you get”.

So yes I have the formal qualifications now to work as a coach, having achieved PCC level coach through the International Coaching Federation with many years of coaching experience. I have many other accreditations and qualifications to support my clients, but that is not all I bring to a coaching intervention. It’s all my life’s experiences, it’s knowing firsthand how challenging and frightening moving out of our comfort zone can be, but also knowing how fulfilling and rewarding taking these challenges can be. That’s where I feel I can offer the most to my clients, the driving force that gets me out of bed motivated and determined each and every day.