Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.


Wise words to live by, aren’t they? We agree on the point that human beings are meant to continually learn. Every day, you can learn something new, provided you keep your eyes and ears open, and your mind alert ready to accept new knowledge.

However, life does bring with it many challenges making it difficult to always maintain this mindset. Remember learning to overcome the challenge is learning something new in itself. For when that same challenges arises you will be able to deal with it confidently, knowing that you have done it before. Here are a few tips that can be helpful:

Skip the TV Marathons

Seriously, unless you are restricting your TV viewing to channels like National Geographic or informative documentaries, chances are you are not learning much from TV. Watching an action movie might entertain you, but doesn’t do much towards helping you increase your knowledge. Keep the TV sessions short, and use more time for other activities that can nourish your intellect.

Stay in Touch with Achievers

There are certainly some people you know, who are always trying out something new, taking up new hobbies, and so on. Stay in touch with these people and talk to them as often as you can, to find out what they are up to. Chances are you will be motivated to try out new things and learn from them too. So be careful who you associate with – people who are learning and moving, or people who are stagnate and complaining.

Delve Deeper into Subjects you Know

Experiment with anything you already know, in order to discover new aspects of it. Suppose you know how to cook pasta. That’s great, but how about experimenting with the recipe, using unusual ingredients and different combinations of spices? Or perhaps you know how grow a beautiful garden but you want to learn to grow an edible garden. There is so much knowledge available now to learn for free using the internet, listening to informative radio stations or going to your local library which has a vast amount of knowledge just sitting there waiting for someone to use it. The possibilities are endless, so make a commitment to learn something new and keep growing and developing yourself.

Meet New People

True, this might seem a lot tougher once you are past your 30’s, with possibly a spouse or partner and maybe kids taking up a lot of your time. However, make it a point to have a short conversation with every new person you meet, during the course of your everyday life, even if it is at work. Go out and have lunch with a colleague, strike up a conversation about hobbies, swap anecdotes from which you learned something and encourage him/her to share one. You will be surprised at how much people love to share learning experiences.

Get in Touch with a Mentor

A mentor or life coach can help you stay inspired about learning something new every day. He/she can help you avoid slipping back into mediocrity, ensuring you feel the urge to pursue new hobbies, pick up new books, or simply engage learned people in conversations, to enrich your mind.

Need a mentor to guide you on the path towards enriching yourself? Get in touch with us and we can help. Contact us to change your life for the better, a little bit with every passing day.