Leadership is a challenge that one takes up in order to manage a team. It requires a few skills and attributes that you may already have, however we’ll highlight some in this article

  1. Self-Awareness – knowing your strengths and weaknesses
  2. Have emotional intelligence (this can be learned)
  3. Effective Conflict Resolution skills including noticing the relationships that are working for you and those that aren’t, and do something about the ones that aren’t.
  4. Never stop learning and developing yourself.

These skills and more can be developed through Leadership Coaching. It is a very empowering process and can help you tap into knowledge and resources that you didn’t even know you had. So rather than worry about not being the leader you want to be, have some coaching and start the journey and become the leader you want to be.

Self Awareness


Have you ever worked for someone who wasn’t aware of a negative or annoying habit they had? What’s it like? I’ve asked this question many times and people often respond with “I want to scream”.

Sometimes you can’t believe they don’t know about it because it seems so obvious to you, and this in itself can create a huge amount of frustration. But the reality is that we all have annoying ways of doing things from some perspective.

Leadership Truth

When you are in a leadership role part of your job is to engage the majority of your team so they support you, not resist you.

If you don’t address the negative relationships you have with people, then you will continue to get more.

Leadership Truth

You must be prepared to continually develop yourself both professionally and personally.

If you don’t ever encourage and take on board feedback then you won’t change. “If nothing changes, nothing changes.”.

Why are people so afraid of getting feedback?

Well that’s another good question and people say they don’t want to get hurt. But in reality if we have an annoying habit or behaviour we can be hurting others and our relationships without even knowing.

What I suggest

Be brave, step up, get feedback, but get it from people who you trust, respect and value their opinion. Also have a 360 degree feedback diagnostic – these are profoundly useful when in a leadership role.

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