Leadership Coaching


“Leadership is more about who you are rather than what you do.” – Brian Tracy

Effective leaders are comfortable in their own skin yet are driven to grow and develop. They are confident in their ability to make things better, and to positively influence their work environment and their relationships. They are curious about people and things, live in the present and have a healthy amount of optimism.

Constructive leaders behave in ways that encourage those they interact with to give their best effort.  They communicate challenging yet realistic performance standards, and promote teamwork by consistently seeking input from all team members. They build engaging work environments by balancing concern for getting the job done with consideration for people and their needs.

“Thank you again for your insights and your encouragement. I have truly gained so much from the time I spent with you and feel like I have wings on my feet from the work we did together. Thanks Di, I hope to run into you again soon!”

Manager, Business Analyst

Why people have coaching

Managing and leading a team of people is challenging yet also thrilling.  Unfortunately, there is no magic formula.  As Brian Tracy says “it all depends.”

Variables such as your personality style compared to their’s, skill sets and work at hand, the quality of the relationships between yourself, co-workers and stakeholders, decision-making preferences, size of team, time, conflict-resolution strategies, the list goes on.  However there are common threads that work in multifarious situations.  Learning to coach is one of those skill sets.

Some of the many reasons people seek out coaching:

  • Discuss issues or problems with someone disassociated
  • Find answers to issues and problems
  • Explore options and gain clarity
  • Feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward
  • Personal and Professional growth
  • Leadership development

Today most successful people will have a coach at some stage during their career.  Coaching is often recommended to mid to high levels of management as part of a training, development and retention strategy.

“My organisation arranged coaching for me. At first I was a bit reluctant because I wasn’t sure what it was about. After only one session I realised it was like seeing my reflection in a mirror. I was quite surprised by what I saw, but was amazed that I was able to solve my own problems because I took a different view of things. The questioning and feedback allows you to look at things from different perspectives.  It’s such a great experience for anyone to go through.”

Manager HR

How we work

Firstly, book in for a free, 30-minute virtual or phone session to see if coaching is right for you.

Next, we ascertain what you want to achieve, clearly articulating what a good outcome will look like.

We look at what is working for you, and what isn’t and why.

We identify and develop strategies to overcome any obstacles and create a plan to take you forward.  Coaching is the process of helping you get clear on all of this.

We meet either face to face or virtually every couple of weeks, reducing the contact as time goes on and demand decreases.

Sometimes what we think is, isn’t.  Coaching is like tweaking the focus dial on a camera lens.  The clarity and insights you gain are transformational. The coach is your guide and support.  You are not alone on the journey.


What you will gain from coaching:

  • Feel a sense of control
  • Know where you are heading and why
  • Learn the art of effectively communicating and influencing
  • Unlock your full potential
  • Develop a coaching approach to solving problems
  • Perform at your very best

“One of the most profound things I learned through coaching with Dianne, was to keep quiet. I thought that as the leader I had to have all the answers, but I tried putting the question out there, kept quiet, and bingo the team came up with some great ideas!”

Geology Rio Tinto

“If you get good at the people side of business you will never be out of a job.” – Brian Tracy